Dan’s Introduction

Florian Hollfelder (University of Cambridge)

Quantitative and combinatorial - is that possible?

Patrick O’Brien (University of Michigan)

Making (DNA) ends meet with lessons from DAN

Laura Bartley (University of Oklahoma)

Improving the bioeconomy with insights into grass cell wall synthesis

Rick Russell (University of Texas, Austin)

Kinetic basis for DNA target specificity of CRISPR-Cas12a

Katrin Karbstein (Scripps, Florida)

Quality control during 40S ribosome assembly

Ivana Nikolic Hughes (Columbia University)

From Frontiers of Science to the Marshall Islands

Felix Mueller-Planitz (University of Munich)

Chromatin remodeling enzymes - molecular machines that sculpt the chromatin landscape

Jesse Zalatan (University of Washington)

Spatially-organized kinase-substrate reactions with designed scaffold proteins

Dan Hogan (Tocagen)

Yes, we studied RNA. I like RNA. Still like RNA… sometimes probably studied too many RNAS

Paul Sigala (University of Utah)

Unraveling the metabolic adaptations of malaria parasites

Jason Schwans (CSU Long Beach)

How do enzymes work? Unraveling enzyme function at a primarily undergraduate institution

Namita Bisaria (Whitehead Institute)

High throughput approaches to structure-function-energetic relationships

Inga Jarmoskaite (Stanford University)

A quantitative and predictive model for RNA binding by human Pumilio proteins

Craig Markin & Daniel Mokhtari (Stanford University)

Anatomy of an enzyme: high-throughput characterization of a proficient phosphatase using a novel microfluidic assay

Joseph Yesselman (Stanford University)

Computational design of a three-dimensional RNA structure and function